A Day in Berlin: the Firebase Dev Summit 2016


This week I took part to the first Firebase Dev Summit 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin with my colleagues Denis, Nicola and Luca from Mr. APPs. A really interesting event guided by excellent engineers from Firebase and Google.

For those who don’t know, Firebase is a very useful platform of cloud services designed for mobile and web applications, used by more than 750k developers worldwide. They provide a lot of tools for developers (and not) like Analytics, Realtime Database and Cloud Messaging.

The conference included 8 speeches, an #AskFirebase lounge and codelabs with Google and Firebase engineers throughout all day, and a wonderful after party in the hotel lounge.


@puf and @alidothadi having fun on stage

A lot of new stuff were launched, mostly in beta. Some of these new features are:

  • DebugView: realtime analytics reporting – like they already do with Google Analytics, but in a more clear and smart way. With DebugView you can see the paths that users follow inside your app in realtime, with events, parameters, and the time between two events. Available in beta for devs at the Summit.
  • StreamView: an inspirational live view of analytics data, showed on a map. You can filter by events, properties, logged users and you can see snapshots from current users.
  • An improved Android testing with Test Lab.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging goes to the web thanks to a brand new JavaScript SDK.
  • FirebaseUI Library now contains all the login flow with logins from multiple services (FB, Twitter, GitHub, etc.) on iOS, Android and web.
  • Firebase CLI + Admin SDK, integrable with CI.
  • For game devs, an Unity plugin and an enhanced SDK written in C++

If you missed it, you can find all the videos and the livestream here!
Here’s my interview to the San Marino national TV (in Italian).



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