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Apple sent press invites for a new event on October 27th named “Hello again” that will be hosted at the Apple Campus in Cupertino, CA. The name clearly refers to the “hello again” slogan of the iMac, presented in 1997, so it will be focused on the new Macs – but maybe with some surprises.

I’m not a lover of rumors – usually, I take them as the other news about Apple, but I don’t give them a lot of importance. But, in the days before the events, some rumors become a little bit more interesting.

One of them – and the main – is about the complete revamp of the MacBook Pro line. Rumors say that the new Macs will be lighter and thinner than the current line, but in order to achieve these goals, Apple engineers need to redesign the unibody case. The current MacBook Pro line has a MagSafe 2 connector, 2 Thunderbolt ports, 2 USB ports, 1 audio jack, an SD card slot and a HDMI port. The majority of ports take all the height of the case, so the only choice that remains is implementing multiple USB-C ports – as already experimented on the new MacBook. USB-C is a reliable port that can bring power, video and data together at the same time. But there are two bad news about that:

  • the number of adapters needed to support “old ports” will increase a lot – like it happened with the VGA and the Ethernet on the current line;
  • probably, the MagSafe – which is very handy thanks to its magnetic connector – will be replaced with a “classic” USB-C cable

It’s not excluded that there will be more space for batteries by using stratified batteries, like it happened with MacBook.

Another interesting feature is the touch bar – maybe called Magic Toolbar – that will probably replace the Functions row on the current keyboard. It will probably be a multitouch screen bar that will extend the capabilities of Mac apps (like iTunes or Spotify) with a dedicated SDK.

No important rumors came for a line of new iMacs or an updated Mac Pro, but it’s very probable that the MacBook Air will receive an update – maybe with a new Retina Display.

So, be ready for the live stream on October 27th, starting at 10:00AM PDT (7:00PM CEST)! The page on Apple website is already live here!


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